About the Goth Band Family Tree

This Goth Band Family Tree was conceived by Liisa Ladouceur for her book Encyclopedia Gothica.

Inspired in part by the tree in Metal: A Headbanger's Journey and the Map of Metal site, Liisa wanted to visually trace the evolution of Goth music and show the connections between various subgenres which, as in metal and electronic music, have mutated and splintered to such a degree it's often hard to keep track, albeit fun to argue about. Artist Gary Pullin was enlisted to turn her crudely sketched lists into a two-page spread in the book. To truly bring it to life, developer/designer Deane Hughes transformed it into the interactive Tree you see here.

Liisa says: "If you're a TradGoth or ElderGoth, I encourage exploring the 21st century bands you may not yet know. Newcomers to the scene should find much to learn about its roots. Whether travelling back through memory lane or into uncharted territory, I hope you will enjoy immersing yourself in it. Some of the best songs ever written are represented here. Happy listening. (Or sad listening, as you like.)"